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December 26, 2019

Business got online service for making claims against law enforcement authorities

A new digital resource “ZABIZNES.RF” («ЗАБИЗНЕС.РФ») was launched in Russia and by means of this platform entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to make requests due to illegal actions of the following law enforcement authorities: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

In particular, with the help of this platform it becomes possible to submit requests concerning non-compliance with the procedural time limits, illegal seizure of documents and other data carriers, unfounded arrests, provocation of giving a bribe, as well as other law enforcement authorities actions which violate rights of an applicant in the sphere of entrepreneurial activity.

Individual entrepreneurs, owners (shareholders, founders) of the legal entity, the sole executive body of the legal entity or member of its corporate body can all be considered as applicants. Message also may be forwarded through the representative.

For submitting a claim it is necessary to authorize on the platform by means of approved user account from the web site of Public Services Portal or by filling in the registration form. Presented facts in the requests may be provided with photos, links to videos, audio records, scans of documents.

The request shall be sent to the body which is authorized for its examination. Decision made by a competent authority should be reported to the applicant also by platform within 30 calendar days. Moreover the applicant is entitled to apply to business-ombudsmen with the view of clarifying the issue (the term of answer receipt is 20 calendar days). As a result request client can evaluate objectiveness and fullness of the received answer and inform about the results of its problem solution.    

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