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Information about companies bankruptcy procedure was added to the register of legal entities

Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation informed about adding some data to the list of bankruptcy information included in the Unified State Register of the Legal Entities (USRLE). Earlier USRLE contained information about declaring an organization as a bankrupt, opening of bankruptcy proceeding and appointed bankruptcy manager. Now USRLE will also include information about initial stages of bankruptcy procedure: initiation of bankruptcy case and introduction of observation procedure.

Moreover the register also will have information about financial recovery and external management which mean recovery procedures towards legal entity aimed at possible restoring of its financial standing. There will be dates of the correspondent procedure beginning, information about approved external manager and termination of bankruptcy case.

Importance for business:

Availability of more information about Russian legal entities in state publicly-accessible internet resources positively influences investment environment in Russia, saves resources necessary for the search of information about counter-agent and allows to take well-considered and reasonable decisions.

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