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Amond & Smith Ltd

Amond & Smith Ltd is one of the leading law firms situated in the territory of Russia, CIS countries and Cyprus in the field of legal tax planning, loopholes, asset protection, including the use of offshore companies, trusts, funds and other corporate structures used by big business.

Our lawyers are a team of second to none professionals, best and brightest graduates from the best Russian and Ukrainian universities united by common legal knowledge, hands-on proven experience and a passionately  great aspiration for thriving and developing our business.

We have what it takes, to do what it takes – in order to secure your deals, by getting things done properly.

Unique Selling Proposition Services we offer:

  • Registration of new companies in any jurisdiction  Europe, Asia or offshore  for expansion of international business and legal tax mitigation.
  • Assistance in opening and operation of bank accounts worldwide, primarily in Europe.

  • Tax planning in your business area competency with the use of international structures. In particular, using the system of international double taxation agreements.

  • Ensuring ultimate confidentiality of your assets ownership and inheritance.

  • Assistance in your assets protection against hostile takeovers.  Provision of appropriate mechanisms for your assets protection against the risks related to divorce proceedings by using trusts, funds and other existent legal instruments.

  • Consulting in the IPO process or raising foreign loans. Assistance in building up an efficient international corporate ownership structure of your business.

Our clients are medium and large-sized companies of extractive industry, manufacturing, financial and legal sectors of the CIS countries and the Republic of Cyprus, mainly located in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Our partners are law companies and financial institutions of Europe, Asia, the USA as well as large number representatives of global offshore centers and other jurisdictions what are used in the area of international tax planning and asset protection.

Why you might consider us?

  • Being a laser narrow-focus specialized law firm, we are one of the captains of industry, precisely leading players in our line.
  • We offer you the tailor-made services of high-quality that we DO guarantee. There is a special group in the company which performs the quality control.


  • We offer you the tailor-made  services of high-quality that we DO guarantee. There is a special group in the company which performs the quality control.
  • We are a team of professionals empowered by the very best graduates from such universities as Moscow State University, Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs, Moscow State Law University, Higher School of Economics. Our specialists regularly are profiled as experts in mass media.

  • Our offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv and Nicosia (Cyprus). At present other regions are also being considered to locate our offices in, for our current and potential would-be clients’ convenience.

  • We have been working in this abovementioned market segment since 2002 andthat’s how we have an enormous experience and comprehensive expertise in our trade of  core competencies!